Property Management

Caring, Knowledge, Understanding, Flexibility and Empathy are a necessity in an Asset Management Company's vocabulary when working with military residents and home owners.
As a home owner here in the Fort Hood area, we always remember that this family has just arrived in town.  They possibly have children, pets, a U-Haul full of furniture and often are with limited funds.  We do not add to their frustration by handing them a list of addresses and a handful of keys.  Instead we inquire about their needs, both career and family, as we try to match each tenant to the proper and perfect home.  We provide them with information regarding schools, shopping, churches, restaurants, even hunting, fishing and other points of interest that will make the prospective tenant feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.
Once the home has been selected, all prosprective tenants fill out a rental application.  The rental contract is explained in detail and they are checked into the home by us with a check-in sheet noting the condition of all aspects of the property.  

The ultimate success of First Western Realty's Asset Management Division has depended greatly on our desire to maintain good relations with both, the home owner and the tenant.  A dissatisfied tenant will vacate the property at the first opportunity and a high tenant turnover means a greater expense for the home owner in terms of advertising, redecorating and uncollected rents. Good communication with both, tenants and home owners, and prompt attention to their needs has made First Western Realty a success.  
Many home owners have been trusting us with their home for 10, 20 even 30 years!

Home Inspections
Did you know that the typical home buyers spends as little as 30 minutes, on average, viewing a house before deciding to buy it?

One of the most essential steps in the home buying process is having a thorough inspection of the property by a qualified professional before you invest thousands of dollars.  A home inspection will provide you the information necessary to make a more educated decision about the purchase by eliminating unexpected surprises due to major repairs that need to be made to the home you are planning to purchase.

Our STATE LICENSED PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTOR can help you through the home buying process by giving you type detailed information you need to make a well informed buying decision.