Inspection Prices & Areas

Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Nolanville with NO additional charge

Outlying areas of Kempner and Belton, ALL areas in Lampasas, Gatesville, Florence, Temple and Salado add a trip fee of $30.00

Return trips through no fault of the inspector (i.e. Utilities not on, entry not possible, cancellations WITHOUT 24 hour notice) will be charged a $75.00 fee.


Single Family Residential Homes (incl. Manufactured Homes)
Basic Fees (no additional add-on services)
Up to 2000 Square Feet on Slab Foundation   $200.00     Pier & Beam Foundation $235.00 

2001 - 2400 Square Feet on Slab Foundation  $225.00    Pier & Beam Foundation $260.00

2401 - 2800 Square Feet on Slab Foundation  $250.00    Pier & Beam Foundation $285.00

2801 - 3200 Square Feet on Slab Foundation  $275.00    Pier & Beam Foundation $310.00

For over 3201 Square Feet: Please call the office for a quote.

Multi Family Properties
Duplex $290.00
Triplex $350.00
4-Plex $425.00

Multi Unit Properties:  $125.00/per Unit

Lawn Sprinkler Systems  - add $30.00
Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis -  add $30.00
Saunas - add $30.00
Out Buildings (i.e. Barns, Workshops, Playhouses w/electric and/or water service) $100 and up.

Pool Inspections
Basic Pool Inspection $75.00
Advanced Pool Inspection $150.00

Re-Inspection of Items AFTER Repair
A re-inspection includes those items or functions which were found deficient in the original inspection.  Items or their function which passed the original inspection are not re-inspected.
If a buyer and seller agree on which items are to be repaired before closing, a list of those items is to be presented to the inspector and only those items are re-inspected.  Other items which may have been deemed no functioning and are not on the list, will not be re-inspected.

Re-Inspection Fee $75.00 and up.

Winterizing Vacant Homes
Winterizing of vacant homes $175.00 and up.

Rental Property Inspections
Move-In or Move-Out Inspections of Rental Properties.  (Rental Inspections in addition to all items included on a purchase inspection, also include items which are cosmetic in nature). 

Single Family Homes $175.00
Apartments $150.00 per Unit

Commercial Properties
Due to the variety of construction types and the many types of business enterprises, Commercial Inspections vary greatly in price.
Please call our office to discuss your Commercial Inspections needs.

We do not do individual items inspections (i.e. roof only, foundation only, plumbing systems only, heat and air systems only).  If you feel that you have a problem specific to one area or system, we recommend that you contact a service professional in that field.  We could inspect that item, possible validate your concern and charge you good money for it, but would that really be fair to a customer?  Any time a problem is found during an inspection it is our recommendation that you contact a service professional in that particular field for repair.  One of the purposes in having a total home inspection is to learn which type of service professionals you may need to contract to affect repairs.

We do NOT do Mold Inspections.  It is a highly specialized, still evolving field.  We recommend that should you suspect a mold problem you contact an environmental inspector who specializes in this field.  If you can not easily locate one you can look in your local yellow pages for a Mold Abatement or Remediation Company.  These are the professionals who treat mold problems.  They can point you in the right direction.  Another suggestion is to call your insurance agency.  Most insurance agencies have dealt with mold problems and they have their own list of Mold Professionals.